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Thread: Moving advice?

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    Screwy Moving advice?

    Hubby is almost finished with school out here in good old 29 stumps and for the past few weeks they've been told they would get their orders sometime soon on where they would all get stationed...
    6 guys in his class
    2-29 Deaths(thats what I like to call it hahah)

    And just being our luck we would get stationed here

    But we've decided that we MUST move out of this apartment so we found the cutiest single family house!!!!!

    My question is WHERE DO I START!?!?!? I never realived how much crap we have! For just the 2 of us we're got ALOT we're only moving down the street but I can tell this is going to be quite the adventure
    Help Please?

    My Life<3 Brap Brap.

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    For a nominal fee, rent a U-Haul or Penske truck. Then, call some local moving companies and find out how much it would cost to have a crew come out, pack up and load the truck. I'm betting they'll do it for around $150. It takes SOOO much stress off of you to do it that way. It was only $200 for them to pack up my 3 BR house in Texas onto a 24 ft U-Haul. They did it in a day, and it normally took me a week.
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    What about getting rid of some of it you dont really need? You could sell it on craigslist and get some extra cash for the new house

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