Alright, so DB is currently in the National Guard and we are seriously taliking about him transferring to MP in the Guard for a bit and then going Active Duty after he gets a feel for it. (Just to make sure he actually likes it before he does it full time.) Anyway, I've been getting kind of excited about it and have been doing some research. I looked up bases that MPs usually end up at and got a list of a few in Germany, a few in Korea and then like 20 or so in the US. They listed the bases that had Brigade level and Battalion level MP units. My questions is this, won't there be other possibilities as well since every Army base has MPs? Are there any MP wives/girlfriends out there who know anything about this? Also, if there are any SO's of MPs on here, where are they currently located? I'm just trying to get ideas of where we can ask to go since we can probably work that into his initial contract. It's still a ways out, but I'm bored here at work and thought it'd be fun to look up some info.