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Thread: going non-command sponsored?

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    Question going non-command sponsored?

    me and DH are talking about me maybe going non-command sponsored to korea someone tell me about this please? would it get things to go faster or just be more of a pain to do it this way? also what all do you need to do if you're going non-command sponsored.
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    I went to Korea on NCS. PM me if you want to know anything.

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    In order for me to come here non command sponsored, my husband had to get approval from his company commander to reside off post. I believe this is the case for all soldiers under the rank of E-7. It may take a bit of time before he will get the approval. I know my husband's commander wanted to be sure he was a good soldier he could trust to live off post.

    (ETA: Some soldiers will "ghost" the dorms meaning they maintain a barracks room, but stay off post. I don't know about everywhere else, but it is VERY difficult to start getting OHA here without that signed letter from the company commander saying the soldier is allowed to live off post. As far as I know, they are *required* to give you OHA, regardless of whether your husband is living there, but it is VERY hard to actually get OHA through our housing office. That means you'd have to continue using the BAH you're already getting in order to pay rent, and that is technically illegal, so I would not, would NOT recommend doing that. Again, things may be different in other parts of Korea, but this is just my experience.)

    After he got the approval to move off post, I had to get my A-3 SOFA Status Visa. I know it is possible to get the Visa via mail, but I went to the Korean Consulate in Atlanta and applied for mine that way.

    Once I had my Visa in my passport, I came on over to Korea. We spent about 2 weeks or so in a hotel (which gets expensive, so make sure you have savings!) while we found an apartment and had the housing office inspect it. The housing office guides you through that part, and it's really not too difficult.

    If you have other questions, please feel free to PM me. =)
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