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Thread: Camp Pen, CA

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    Camp Pen, CA

    Sometime around Jan of next year my love and I will be moving to Camp Pen, Ca.

    Im nervous about it because I have never lived on the west coast before. Nor do I have any idea if we are going to get base houseing *which I really dont want* or off base. Or even where to start looking for houseing off base.

    Any advice from those over in that area?
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    We lived on base...they have some nice stuff there.
    Im not much help with off base, although i know there is a LOT to choose from.

    We loved Camp Pen and SoCal! We cant wait to go back
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    My DH is at CP and we LOVE it here. If you like the sun without the humidity, here is the place. We live off base up in Murrieta. We really really like it here because its far enough away from base that we're not constantly surrounded by other military families, but close enough so that its not an extreme drive for him. It'd say it's about 30 mins with no traffic for him to get to his shop. If you have any questions I'm more than willing to try and help, we just got here in May though so I might not know exactly what you need.

    Anyways, I've heard good and bad about Vista and Oceanside. I've heard that alot of parts in Fallbrook are really crappy, with only one person liking it there that I know. Temecula and Murrieta are a drive, but are both very nice to me.

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