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Thread: Langely AFB

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    husband is in texas at sheppard, I am stuck in Michigan

    Langely AFB

    My honey just found out today that we will be stationed in Virginia. I was just wondering if anyone has been there or has any advice about the town and what not. Thanks. I'm getting married on July 6th. I am SO excited for everything!!!
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    I hope you are used to dealing with traffic. 64 is notorious for traffic backups near the HRBT and Yorktown/williamsburg area that can affect the area around Langley. Especially if there's a big accident or a lane is shut down at the tunnel. Same with all of Hampton Roads, there are some areas that are prone to gang activity. Strangely here, there are no "good areas"...its like two blocks of nice neighborhoods, then a few blocks of the other.
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    DH is getting stationed there too!!!

    He is also at sheppard right now
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    Lucky! I live in yorktown since I was 4 years old! The kids from bethal housing went to my high school. I can tell you a good amount about the area. I miss it so much. Laughlin sucks.
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    I have lived here since we got married in 08- dh has been at Langley for nearly 7 years. We hate the base (Bx sucks, commissary isn't worth it) and really dislike the area- sure there are some decent places to shop and things like the zoo & air and space museum, but the traffic alone makes it not worth the trip. We finally have orders and I could not be more excited- I knew it was bad when people referred to Langley as "an armpit" and Newport News was "Bad Newz."

    On the plus side, you'll be about an hour from VA Beach, just prepare for lots of traffic delays especially when it comes to the tunnel. Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion are great too. The housing here is not bad as long as you remember location location location! (If you plan to live off base anyway). I've been in base housing and it seems quite skanky plus you can easily live off base for less than your BAH from about SrA up, so def. do your research. If you go off base for medical care, there are some great hospitals here.

    A previous poster mentioned there really are no "good" neighborhoods and that's really true...if you do live off base, look for a house or town house in an area with a Homeowner's Association. I promise it's worth the fees.
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    My sister in law is getting stationed there whenever she is finished with school.

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