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Thread: ? about orders

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    ? about orders

    DH just called me and told me there was a hot seat for an HM2 in Des Plaines, Il. I got excited cause Im from Chicago and thats about a 50 min car ride from my moms house. He asked me if he should put orders in for it. I said "UM YEAH!" But the thing is we still have one year left in Corpus. I asked him if there was any chance of us getting it and he said maybe cause since its a hot seat they want it filled fast. Its up to his command to approve of it. Has this ever happened to you? When you put orders in a year early and actually got them?
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    Never happened to us.. G has always had to be within his order window to accept, and we've never seriously considered leaving a command early... is he terminating early Sea/shore early? That would definately require command approval. G did try and email his detailer about a set of shore orders, and was told, they wouldn't consider it because he wasn't in his window. (This happened only a month or two before his window opened up)

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    Dh updated his dream sheet and threw out some overseas places like here in England and Italy, as well as Germany. He had only a year and about 2 months left on his enlistment... We still got the orders to England. If there are spots that NEED to be filled and people can volunteer, i think you have just as good of a chance as anyone else to get it, as long as you've been at your current duty station for a good year or more. I know the AF prefers you stay at a place for 2-3 sometimes 4 years before a PCS, but again that can depend on the jobs too.

    For DH to come here to England he had to get approval to extend his initial 6 year enlistment to be able to fullfill the 36 month tour here, which was approved (obviously lol) and he will have the oppertunity to re-enlist while we're here, which i hope he does and tries to get this tour extended another 4 years so we can stay here! I love England! haha.
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    Well DH just extended. We've been here for two years already. We have exactly one year left here. Hes a corpsman so no shore duty for him. If he get these orders he would be working at at a MEP station giving all the boots their shots for the Navy. I dont know if these orders are only good for a year though and then we would have to PCS again though.
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    He can put in a 1306 (I think that's the right form) with his command to see if they would release him when he is out of his detailing window. Remember that a hot-fill means you'd be moving in 4-8 weeks, with not a lot of time to prepare for a PCS.

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