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Thread: Questions about moving after deployment

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    Confused Questions about moving after deployment

    1) The email from AHRN said,
    All newly assigned personnel are required to contact the housing office for counseling and guidance before entering into any agreement, written lease, or rental/sales contract for off-base housing
    Does this apply to us since DH is deployed from Fort Carson and was there already? Should I call anyway since he was in the barracks and unmarried before deploying?
    ETA: DH asked and his CO said I didn't but I would rather be safe than sorry, kwim?

    2) I have heard that the Army will pay for me to move... but then I've also heard that they won't because DH was already at Carson when we got married. But then I've heard they will because he's been deployed. Will they or won't they?

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    I don't know about the 2nd question but the first is not that serious..all I did was send a e-mail and got an auto response back and thats allyou really have to do..just covering them selves I suppose
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    No they won't pay foe you to move and we never had to contact anyone.
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    we were supp. to contact housing also..I just called and told them we were renting off post and they said okay.

    She just asked me a bunch of questions that most people don't think of before signing a lease. Just wanted to make sure we weren't getting screwed lol
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    They most likely won't pay for your move because he was stationed there before you moved. In some (very rare) cases the command will elect to pay for it, however you have to go through all the appropriate paperwork.
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    He might be able to get his orders amended to include dependents, and then they might pay for you. I'm not sure how it works though.

    They might not, I don't know. Wouln't hurt to call and ask them.
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    I'm not sure how the Army works but I know with my move here down to FL, I had to pay because I was not on DH's original orders as we were not married when he finally was assigned to his PCS station here at Tyndall. The next PCS move will be covered for us though. It just sucks because I'll be paying the $6000 I paid for my crap to move down here back for awhile! So I know how frustrating it is. If you want any advice on what NOT to do with movers, let me know. LOL.
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    yes you have to notfy housing and in most cases they will not pay for aquired dependants unless you are going over seas.

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