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Thread: Its my last day...

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    Sad Its my last day...

    Its my last day in Pensacola. My flight leaves this afternoon. On one hand, Im excited because Ill be back with DB...but at the same time, Im going to miss it here. Mainly Im just going to miss the people Ive come to know and love here. And the familiarity of it.
    Welcome to the military life lol.

    Yesterday, I tried to have one last good day and tried not to think about leaving. So my best friend, Orlando, picked me up yesterday morning, we had breakfast and went and saw Up in 3D. Then we picked up another friend and met someone at the river, drank a little and swam. Then I said bye to Matt (that hurt) and came home. My wifey came and got me last night and we ate where I used to work, so I said bye to the friends I had made there. Then bye to her. I my Nina.
    And now Im about to do my last minute packing before more people show up to see me off before I leave.
    Wish me luck! (and sorry for the ramble about my day)
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    I LOVE YOU AND I'LL MISS YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!!! I should be seeing you soon though <3

    Loves her Beautiful Wifey, Liegh.

    KennyB = Greatness!
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    Good luck! Where are you heading to now?

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