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Thread: Duty stations

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    Duty stations

    Hello all! My fiance is in the MC and we are getting married in 2 months. He may re-enlist. He is an 0311 Rifleman, and we are currently discussing what duty stations we want to go to...HOWEVER, does it really matter what he puts down on his dream sheet for where he wants to go? How likely will he get Hawaii when he is an 0311 (currently stationed in LeJeune)? I know the Marine Corps puts you wherever they want, but what has happened with some of you as far as getting to go where you wanted to? Did it happen, or were you sent somewhere not even close to what you wanted? How long after they re-enlist do their orders come in?

    Anything at all will help, since I am new at this!
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    Sometimes you get it. Sometimes you don't.

    It just depends on what openings there are really

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    That's DH's MOS also and we're in 29 Palms. This wasn't one of his choices.

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    Truthfully it depends on where he is needed and what spots are open. You can always put down what you want for your dream sheet, but remember, that's exactly what it is, a DREAM sheet.

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