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Thread: Astugi, Japan?

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    Atsugi, Japan

    Astugi, Japan?

    hey yall! im new, so sorry if this isnt the right place! I was just wondering if anyone knew about base housing in astugi? We have one small dog and no kids. What did ya'll do with your cars? Thanks girls!
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    Hey! I'm attached to Yokosuka naval base which is about an hour from Atsugi not to mention a completely different branch of the military but I have friends who live on the base there so I can get better answers if you need them.

    You won't be allowed in the towers if you have a dog but you may be eligible for a town house or you could always live out in town.

    Also, if you're navy you can live in Negishi housing, which is where I actually live, and it's about a half hour or so (on the TOLL roads, no freeways in Japan!) from Atsugi.

    With your car you're either going to want to store it somewhere or sell it. I wouldn't recommend bringing one here because for the cost of making it street legal you could just buy a nice used car. We've had two cars here (had to upgrade when I got preggers) and we didn't pay over $1000 for either (and the used cars here usually have low, low mileage)

    any other questions? Just email me
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