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Thread: Possibly moving to Camp Lejeune...

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    Possibly moving to Camp Lejeune...

    Hi girls!

    My husband and I are stationed in San Diego and are possibly moving to Camp Lejeune sometime this year. I have heard that it's pretty small and it's hard to get away from other Marines.... we prefer to live a little bit off base so we need suggestions about what areas are best as far as night life (restaurants, movie theaters, etc.), schools, and churches (non-denominational Christian). I would also love to know any info you may have on the military housing there, in case that is what we decide to do. Would also love to know if there are places to mountain bike, fish, camp, etc. Any suggestions are appreciated!!!!

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    Hi We are currently stationed in Camp Lejeune and transferring to MCRD in a few weeks
    To be honest with you, there isn't a whole lot to do here. There is a lot of YOUNG MARINES and really only 1 street (western blvd) that has all the stores. There are pros and cons though to everything. What rank is your husband? We live on Tarawa Terrace 1 the new housing and its really nice, garages, laundry room, screened patio, etc.
    You can message me if you have any other quesitons.
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    There is quite a bit to do in the surrounding area. Aquariums, historic districts, beaches, clubs and resturants, all if you are willing to drive about an hour away. Also, the mountain are like 2ish hours away and you can do white water rafting, camping, hiking, all that out doorsey stuff.

    Depending on where your DH's shop will be you could move out towards the back gate, it's more countryish out that way. You could also live out in Maysville, Richlands, Swansbro. They are all outside of jacksonville, but within like 20-30 mins of base.

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    Ew, we were there for my husbands entire enlistment. We hated it. We lived off base in Midway Park so the housing was not bad. That was when TT1 was a ghetto, they had just started construction on it when we left.

    Lets see, there is a walmart and an applebees, LOL. We would go to Myrtle Beach for long weekends. It was the only redeeming quality.
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    Escaping Marines is going to be hard if you want to live in town Mostly because there's two bases, Lejeune, and New River. I know that Wilmington isn't that bad a drive away and I've heard there's a good bit to do there. Myrtle Beach is about 4 hours away as well. In town, if you don't like see strippers, getting tattooes, or eating, you're pretty much screwed I only know about it from what I've heard and notices when visiting DF though, so thats about all I know.

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    im moving there, too. mid june... i can let you know then
    i visited DF there once, and it was nice but he told me its really boring and theres not much to do. he does go to wilmington alot, which is about an hour away and he said thats the closest place you can find with stuff to do. and he said myrtle beach is about 2 hours away too
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    I live 2 hours away just outside of Raleigh because I couldn't find a job. Hubby would come home on the weekends when not deployed. I couldn't/can't stand Jacksonville.

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