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    I'm getting worked up and need some reassurance out there. DH wants out of Space Command and wants to work overseas next.

    I'm worried about the move there.

    Anyone that went through it, will you please give me some reassurance.

    What is the phone, internet, cell, cable like over there? Price wise. What does it cost to contact back to the states? If you had children, what were the schools like?

    DH is now talking like Ramstien Germany and we are still thinking about belgium. Please help. If we get this tour, our code lifts in January and our report date will be March. Plus, I'll have no info.
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    Oh I wouldn't worry about the move at all. I don't know what space command is or if that has anything to do with the situation to make it different from others who have gone OCONUS. I have deferred travel and all I can say is if there is any way to avoid it, do. In Germany, you'll have lots of comforts to make your time out there well spent. Not to mention the opportunities to travel will be fabulous.
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    Depends on if its a big base or a remote base. Ramstein is pretty easy, remote bases not as easy sometimes to get TV. Internet and phone are available pretty much everywhere in Europe. We paid a flat rate to call the states from Germany. Vonage is always an option too, it hooks up to your internet. Most people rely on AFN (Armed Forces Network) for TV, it sucks though and there's a major delay of when TV shows air. We recently set up a Slingbox for DH while he's in Italy, it connects to a TV with cable in the states and he can watch cable from any computer with internet. DODS schools are some of the best so I wouldn't be too worried about that.
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    Living overseas is such a great life experience, I'd jump at the chance no matter what. (we did Sicily, Italy) Unless you are super remote you'll have pretty much most of what you're used to at home...cells, internet,etc. Costs depend on where/what country,etc. We got AFN as our "cable".

    Schools are usually DODDS schools on base and the one in Sicily was fine.

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