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Thread: Moving to Aero Ridge (Murphy Canyon) in San Diego in July!

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    Moving to Aero Ridge (Murphy Canyon) in San Diego in July!

    Hello! I am new, but short on time right now so I didn't post in the newbie thread yet.

    We just received our address in Aero Ridge! I cannot find ANY information on OneStop or LMH website about the size or floorplans or anything though??!!

    We are getting a 4BR 2.5BA. I'm assuming it's a townhome? Does anyone know the square footage or anything about them?

    I've got a girlfriend who lives in an adjacent neighborhood and recommended we accept the Aero place. You see, we are accepting this from across the country in Brunswick, Maine! haha!

    Anyway, our move in will be within the week following July 9.

    I'm not online much, but will check back when I have the opportunity. Any info specifically pertaining to the housing in Aero is SO much appreciated! And I look forward to meeting some of you ladies once I'm out there and online much, much more! lol

    (oh..I have three elem aged kids and DH is going aboard DDG 108)

    Thanks! erikadevonne
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    Hi Erika!

    You will love San Diego! It is beautiful here and the Aero housing is nice. I am not sure what the floorplans are like because I am living in Chesterton, but I have seen a 4 bedroom here and they are pretty big! There is so much to do here and the weather is beyond perfect. You'll love it!

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    I think you will be very happy in Aero. They are pretty big. I think 1800 square feet, but don't quote me on that.

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    We are in that floorplan It is very nice and I my house. One of these days I will get around to actually doing pics. They are all good floor plans though, IMO
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    Hello!!! I'm in a 5BR here in Aero. the neighborhood! How old are your kids? I've got 5, and one on the way.
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    I'll be on that side next month
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    We just moved into our 4 bedroom about a month ago and I love it! We have 3 kids and they have so much room to run and play, and the kids in the neighborhood are so friendly! I just called the housing office and they emailed me floorplan, so maybe they can do the same for you!
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    How did you get your housing before you checked in there? Did anyone else have a house before they got to San Diego? We will be there in JUne and told that we couldnt be put on the waiting list until we got there and my husband detached from his unit here

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