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Thread: Quick PCS question

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    Quick PCS question

    DH is unaccompanied in Italy so they are paying my BAH in Tampa. When he gets his next set of orders and I join him will they pay for me to move my stuff to the next duty station since he's unaccompanied?
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    Yep, they should

    *Probably should expand on that since I was so... well, vague.
    My husband was unaccompanied in Okinawa before we got married. Once we were married they paid my OHA to live in Australia, and then once Command Sponsorship went through, they came and picked up all my stuff and moved it.

    HOWEVER, my husband had stuff in storage from when he moved TO Okinawa, before he was married. And because he went unaccompanied, they only gave him 500lbs to move. BUT, when we came back to VA, TMO not only moved everything we had in our house in Oki - they picked up his stuff in storage in FL.

    I know it's slightly different, but yes. They will move you and pay you to move
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    Yes they will and that's short and sweet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NC@SEA View Post
    Yes they will and that's short and sweet.
    LOL Rex, you took the words right out of my mouth--

    BUT also adding in they will also pay ALL PCS entitlements - per diem, Malt DLA and TLE!

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