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Thread: Moving to Fort Lewis. Need advice!

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    Moving to Fort Lewis. Need advice!

    Hello ladies,
    I'm going to be moving up to Fort Lewis this summer and I'm trying to get a jump start on things. This will be my first military move as I'm getting married this summer and I'm moving up right after the wedding. (He'll be there in May.) I was wondering if anybody has recommendations about where to live. Is civilian housing better or should we get on-base housing? Are there any particular neighborhoods that are better than others? Does he have to move after we get married or can I just move in with him after the wedding? What cell phone companies work in that area? I think DF has Alltel. Does that work up there or should we switch carriers? Do you have any other advice about moving to Fort Lewis? Do you like it there? What do you like, what don't you like, etc. Any advice you have would be great. I'm also looking for friends and support in that area. I'll be all by myself. I'll know my new husband of course but I don't know anyone else. Thanks in advance for your help and support!
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    Well, on base housing usually has a long wait list (about 6-10 months) so I suggest checking into off base locations. I like the Lacey area for being quiet and mellow with all the shopping you could need. Otherwise, there is Puyallup which is full of military families, but I hate the 512 off ramp. Some people live in Lakewood or Tacoma, you just have to be careful about which neighborhoods you choose to live in.

    If your DF lives in the barracks he usually gets 10 days to vacate his quarters from the date he is married. BAH takes a while to get started on the paycheck so I suggest having your first and last months rent as well as deposits available to pay out of pocket. About $2500 should be enough. You can do it cheaper, but without a place to stay you will be under pressure to find a place quickly.

    As far as bases go, Ft Lewis has a lot. (I'm living on a postage stamp sized base currently) But really, you should get out and go visit the surrounding things like the Point Defiance zoo and Seattle (too many things to do there to list). Olympia has a nice farmers market and the downtown area is nice to stroll through in the summer. There are a lot of little boutiques down there.

    Coffee is a lifeblood of Washington. If you don't like coffee, you probably will by the time you leave. There are also some great tea places. International food is everywhere. I could list tons of places in both the Olympia and the Seattle area for both coffee and food.

    Honestly, I hate Western Washington (love Seattle though). I said sad goodbyes to my darling friends, but I hate the weather there and I couldn't wait to leave. The clouds and the rain and the dark, damp, rainy winters. Did I mention the rain? I know people that LOVE WA and you are coming in at the right time for the nice summer, so give it a chance. As with all places, it is what you make of it.
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    I've lived here on and off my whole life and I love it. It's great that you'll be here to see the summer cause if you show up in the winter its easy to get discouraged easily cause of the weather. But trust me, rain stops no one here. And no one but transplants use umbrellas either. There are lots of great ladies here and lots of things to do, so hopefully you'll get lots of ideas!

    I like North Tacoma for lots of old big houses and quirky neighborhoods, and it's not far from Ft Lewis. Lacey, Puyallup, Yelm and Roy are all surrounding smaller towns, but Puyallup is now actually huge (I went to HS there and its changed a lot) and traffic can be a pain in the ass, but there is a lot to choose from as far as living situations. Lacey is farther south, by Olympia, but it is mellower and pretty.

    If you need more specifics, let me know as I grew up here and know quite a bit about the area.

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