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Thread: Orders to A school

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    Orders to A school

    Hi I was just wondering if anyones husband has Cross-rated before in the navy. My husband is submitting his package to crossrate to an MA (master-at-arms). I wanted to know if I would move with him when he went to A school or if the military will pay for me to go with him?? I can't get any answers from the hubby or anyone so ANY information about orders or anything will be great! Thanks!!!
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    It depends on how long the school is and if he has to go to more than one. If he's only going to be gone a few weeks, probably not. The old rule was ten months minimum or it's unaccompanied. I don't know if that's still the same, and I know there were ways around it based on need. I wouldn't plan on it though. Now, if you knew for certain where he would end up after the school/s you would get to move on those orders. I had a friend whose husband crossrated and she didn't get to go, but he was only in school for four months. He did get orders almost right away and she was able to set up her move and "meet" him. She said all the planning and such that needed to be done made it go by quick. Good luck.
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    It depends on length of school. Generally 20+ weeks and you are allowed to go. It will be on his orders: if it's temporary, no, but if they are PCS orders, then yes. Contact the transportation office where he is and they might be able to let you know which he is and if he is authorized to have you there or not.
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    No they won't pay for you to go with him. The A school for MA is only about 8 weeks long so they will send him to school by himself.
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