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Thread: How long til 1st duty station?

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    Confused How long til 1st duty station?

    I was always under the impression that you found out where you're going, then within a week of grad from AIT, you'd pack your stuff and move. For instance, say DH is in week 19 of 22 week AIT, we find out we're going to Colorado, he graduates, flies to CO, sets up our move, then we're there within a week or so. Am I off? I keep hearing about people not moving until months after AIT is over so now I'm totally confused.
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    I was under the impression that he could set up the move during AIT once he got his orders. I didnt think he needed to go there before you guys.

    At least, thats how it is with air force.
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    Sometimes I think they may tell you at the last minute, but usually before you leave AIT. How long until he graduates?
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    I think this is another one of those things that vary. Once your DH gets his orders if you have a POA you should be setting up the move. Depending on if you are trying to get on post or off post housing depends on when you move. Certain locations are located so far away from a normal city you have to wait for on post housing. That's when the long waits come into play.

    I certainly wouldn;t expect to be out of there in a week. You are supposed to give a minimum of 10 days notice to the transportation office for an appointment to ship your goods. You'll have to be there when the movers come. You have to make arrangements to drive your car there or flight arrangements to fly there. It'd be a miracle to be gone in a week. I would guess more like a month from the time you get orders.
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    Yup situation varies in our case hubby found out where his duty station was a few months prior to AIT ending. He graduated from AIT Oct 13th set up the move with tranportation a few weeks before and October 18th we left for GA .

    I would make sure hubby has or knows to call tranportation and set up the pick up of your household goods. He should be getting briefings on all of this stuff as well.

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