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Thread: California or Japan

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    Sad California or Japan

    So DB just got back from deployment not even a week ago and before I still have time for the good news to soak in he tells me he's either being sent to California or Japan.. as of right now he is in North Carolina and Im here in Florida.. this totally sucks.. because here it is he's been deployed during most of the time weve been dating.. and we were hopin this year we could see each other more often.. well that's def not happenin now.. well anywho.. were praying for California...
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    Good luck in getting Cali but I must say Japan is very beautitful
    My dh was sent there after he came home from deployment.
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    Josh is going to Cali, He's been gone the entire time we've been together. It's going to be hard. I'm in PA. But it's worth it, for us.

    PM me if you need to talk about anything at all!!!

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