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Thread: Fort Carson Colorado info

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    Duh Fort Carson Colorado info

    My dh just got stationed in fort carson and is about to apply for housing. We have 4 kids. Does anyone know how long it takes for housing? Also how does the whole move process work? Do they pay for the move ect?
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    If he has orders to Ft Carson and your family is on the orders the military should pay for the move. I see your location has a bunch of locations so I am assuming he is in training still and Ft Carson is his first post.

    Once he has a report date he should be able to schedule movers to come and pack you up.

    I can't say how long housing takes once on the list. I have a friend who is stationed there and she has a nice house on base.
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    Housing depends on rank, household size, etc. There are decent houses on post and not so decent houses. If you are on his orders they will move you all...Message me if you have any questions.


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