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Thread: Car registration and licenses

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    Car registration and licenses

    Ok .. we PCS'd to Louisiana nearly 2 weeks ago. I'm so lost on what to do about licenses and registration .. we have 2 cars, both registered in Arizona. One car is just in my husbands name, the other in both our names. Do we have to register them here in Louisiana? Even though my husband is not an Arizona resident, his driving license is from AZ .. do he need to change it to a Louisiana one? Do I? I'm stlighly worried because my AZ license is only valid until the end of the year (when my greencard expires) but once I apply the next step of the immigration process, Arizona are really easy to extend the license with. However, I'm not sure if Louisiana will be as easy and trust me, I CANNOT not drive around her, especially due to the fact that even though we live on base, it is a 20 min drive to the main part of the base and even further outside of the gates!! I'm all confused!!
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    I'm not sure how the Air Force works, but DB just showed his registration, DL and insurance to the office on base and got his sticker for his car.
    He's a KY resident living in VA for training.

    Also, it was said that if he wasn't on the registration he was going to have to get a notarized letter stating he had permission to drive the car, on base. Might make things easier if your names were on both cars.

    Good luck with everything.
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    My Uncle kept his RI license for all 25 years he was in the coast guard. As far as I know dependents have to change their licenses. I don't know much though lol
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    If you google "LA DMV" then you get their site, which has all the info you should need (bearing in mind your husband who is a military member does not have to switch his vehicle registration to the state he is technically living in if it's already registered in another state).
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    i know there is some way to do it. My Df has kentucky everything and we are at barksdale.
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    Check what the laws are for the state and specifically for military members and their dependents. They all vary.

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