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Thread: someone help please !!

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    Help someone help please !!

    My husband is in the Marines and currently living in barracks while I am living with my mother. He is just waiting to get his orders to his first duty station. Once he gets his orders what happens? What does he do? What do I do? How do I get to where he is stationed? Do we go together? Does the marines move my things or do I do that myself? I have read many things online about PCSing, but it is all about going from installation to the next. Since I do not live with him nor do I live on post, how does this work for me?
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    When he gets orders to his first duty station they should have you on them as a dependent ( you are in DEERS and all that right?)

    Depending on the orders/location yes you may go together or separately. If you are on the orders the military will move the household goods to the duty station; you will work with the Transportation office on base to make arrangements for the movers or you can do the do it yourself move - I'm not versed in that as our first duty station in the Army was to Germany but I know others have much more information on if you guys do the move on your own or have movers come and do it.

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