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Thread: going to Okinawa

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    going to Okinawa

    Ok-please help. Husband received orders to Okinawa, accompanied. Believe we will be living at Camp Courtney.

    We have three children, all are vey much outdoor loving and athletic. It looks like we will be living in highrise towers, and I am absolutely freaking out.

    I am ready for tips and suggestions.

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    we lived in the high rises on camp kinser when we were there, My kids were fine, we just walked down to the park alot. My kids were very young then. My friends kids(who were older) could play at the park behind their tower, she just gave them each a walkie-talkie.(this was before everyone had cell phones) We loved Oki
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    We lived there for 3 yrs and lived in the towers in Courtney. I loved the towers they had more room than the duplexes that they have over there. Our kids were smaller but, I do remember they had parks and they had a skate park that they just built there on Courtney too.

    We just got told that we are heading back there 2010 & we are looking forward to it. The kids are excited about going up to Okuma camping. This time hubby wants to live in a duplex.........not to sure on that though. One thing about the towers are if you get noisey neighbors above you. That stinks but, we just use to tell them all the time that they were loud.

    If I can help you dont be afraid to ask me.

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