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Thread: Fort Benning

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    Help Fort Benning

    Ok so my DF is stationed at Ft. Benning and we're looking to buy a house preferably before we get married.

    I was wondering if any of you are from that area and know what the towns are like?
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    My husband and I were supposed to PCS to Benning, and got orders to Lewis at the last minute. We were in the process of finding and buying a house in that area when the plans changed at the last minute. I am originally from GA, about 2 hours from Fort Benning.

    We worked with a real estate agent in the Phenix City, AL area, and her name is Kim Olive. She was a huge help and very accommodating. We decided we wanted to live in the Phenix City, AL area because the property taxes were substantially lower than the Columbus, GA area (where Fort Benning is located). Phenix City is a nice town, and is about 20 minutes from post. It came highly recommended to us, compared to Columbus, and the crime rate was a lot lower, too. Another nice area was the Smith Station area, also in AL, but it was too far from post for our taste; about a 35 minute commute.

    If you would like to contact Kim, here is her website:
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    I'm in Ohio, DH is at Fort Benning
    DH is training at Ft Benning, so we don't live there, but I have visited several times. I agree that you should check out the Al side of things...from what I have seen the area around Benning in GA is a bit rough, especially Victory dr. Hope this helps.
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    We are in Benning...(North Columbus)

    I would live / buy in North Columbus. AL has lower prices but it is VERY small town just depends on what you are use too.

    I would take a look at both places (and schools are very different GA v. AL)
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    we just left benning...we rented a 3 bedroom from KPDK in north columbus and loved it....dont go past macon road exit 6 lol
    we also rented an apartment in phenix city alabama and its nice their too..about the same distance from bennign as north columbus

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