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Thread: Random OCONUS ?

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    Random OCONUS ?

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    im sorry, i cant help u with that, but y dont u ask the ladies under the oconus thread? they are always very helpful
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    When you go for your screening they'll let you know if he needs to be on EFMP.
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    First question.. If he should get overseas orders, and ds and I didn't pass the medical clearance would he be able to get new orders or would they shorten his assignment?

    *No, you would just not be on the orders until you do pass the clearance*

    Second question.. DS has a mild speech delay and is receiving speech therapy, he is not in the EFMP or anything like that and I expect for him to be right on track at the end of this year (when we are set to move.) Would this affect medical clearance?

    *It shouldn't. I know I had a speech issue when I was younger and we were able to move overseas.*

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