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Thread: PCSing to Vicenza

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    PCSing to Vicenza

    So we are PCSing to Vicenza, Italy in 2 months and what I really want to know is what is housing like over there? I know I can't live on base which me happy beyond belief. My husband grew up in the Army and lived in Germany and Turkey when he was younger and he told me to expect a lot of concrete because itís cheap building material. I can't find a lot of helpful information about housing in Italy online. So I was just wondering what's the housing situation over there? This is my first move with the army, so I have no idea what to expect. We don't have a move date yet. Iím very excited that I might get to live with my husband after 2 months of marriage!
    Any information about Italy would be very appreciated, like public transportation (I hear its excellent in Europe) what's shopping like? like grocery shopping, just things like that. Please help!
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    Vicenza, Italy
    We are PCSing there in April!! I about anything lol but good luck finding out stuff!!
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    Housing here is not bad at all. Their IS a lot of cement so it can make hanging pictures kind of hard but you'll figure it out. People in Italy pay taxes based on the way the outside of their home looks, so often the outside looks pretty old and crummy but the inside is FABULOUS.
    Many homes here do not have any built in closets or anything so you have to get a wardrobe (from housing or you can buy them fairly cheap at ikea). Some apartments are the complete opposite and everything is built in, can work in your favor OR be really annoying.
    Hope this helps some..

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