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Thread: HELP! Newbie Moving

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    Help HELP! Newbie Moving

    DF is in Tech right now... before BMT and we had lived together for a year. Everything DF owns is in our apartment still. DF will be DH in June... 2 weeks after the wedding I am moving to where is is stationed. What will the military pay for? Can we DITY or get movers? What is regulation? HELP!
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    if already has orders they will move the single weight allowance of 5,000 lbs - now since all your stuff is mixed together they will move 5,000 lbs of it.

    you can do a PPM ( formerly known as DITY) but he will need to attend a PPM seminar to do it.

    as for the moving allowances since you are not on orders you will get there on your own dime and if there is military barracks for your Single DF there will not be any DLA.

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