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Thread: Window Tinting

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    Window Tinting

    At the moment I am in Arizona but will PCSing to Louisiana next week. I have my windows tinted at 35% and 25%, which is legal in Arizona, but not in Louisiana. I wanted to get it retinted before I left for Louisiana to 40% and 30% but I can't find anywhere here that has that tint grade. I want to wait until I get to Louisiana so that I can get the right grade. My question is: when I'm pcsing to Louisiana, if a cop pulls me over about my tint, do I have any ground to stand on? I heard that some states will ticket you for tint even if your car is registered in another state and the tint is legal there, but what about military PCS? I hope this makes sense!! Thanks x
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    i think if your plates are arizona, there is nothing they can do.
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    DH has LA tint. We had it done while we lived in CA. He got pulled over for it and got a ticket. The judge threw it out because our cars and DH's license was for LA.

    DH's tint is pretty dark and it's within LA's tint laws.

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