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Thread: Opinions on selling house/korea situation

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    Opinions on selling house/korea situation

    My DH and I just bought out house this past June and he's joining the Army in a couple weeks. I really don't want to rent it out. We are seriously broke and don't have the money for city certs and things like that and definitely couldn't afford it if they were to quit paying rent or tear the place up. We just wouldn't make enough profit on it to make a difference either. If we plan to move with him to where ever, that leaves me about 4-5 months to try and sell the house. Around here, 4-5 months is a joke. BUT we bought it so cheap I know I could sell it if I had more time. We were brain storming ideas and thought about him requesting to go to Korea b/c it's unaccompanied. That way I would have over a year to try and sell. It's pretty much a guarantee he would be deployed to Iraq in his 1st year so we figure why not just request Korea to give us time to sell. Does that make sense? Tell me what you think. Also, Korea just seems like one of those places that if you requested to go there, they'd have no problem sending you, kwim?
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    I have no advice, but good luck selling your house
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    Well Korea is not always a given. While it is AF, my hubby has been requesting Korea for a year.

    And if he did get Iraq you can still stay in the house and try and sell it while he is there as well if you are sure he will get Iraq.
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    There is Army here in Korea as well. If your DH is definitely going to Korea (once he knows for sure) and to Iraq, why sell the house?

    You haven't put a penny into the equity at this point - all your payments since June have been towards interest only (check the amortization schedule).

    Hang on to the house, live there for the next year, two years until your DH is done traveling around on orders overseas and then sell.

    Plus right now is a buyer's market, not a seller's market. In another year or two, who knows? Things might turn around.
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    Korea is not a given if you request it. We are Army and are PCSing there this summer, but the army is sending a lot of poeple over. They will only approve his request if there is a job in his MOS open for him.
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    My husband has been in the Army for a year, and is coming home. Korea may not be as tough as the middle east but it still is hard. I will be honest with you that it has put a large strain in our relationship with him being so far away. I would just see what happens and hang on to the house. I hope you realize your don't want to have your DH so far away the first time.
    Best wishes to you.

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