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Thread: Question about changing duty stations....

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    Question about changing duty stations....

    Advertisements try and sum this up. I was reading some about people changing duty stations on another board and I was wondering, does anyone know anything about an AD army soldier being automatically reassigned to a new duty station after they get back from a deployment? My DH will be coming back from Iraq in Sep. 2009 and he mentioned that there have been whispers about people being reassigned automatically when they get back. He says he can't deploy for another year at least, which is good. He is supposed to get out of the army in March 2011, so he will still have about a year and a half left in the army when he comes home. I am about ready to crap my pants (not over this matter because when he comes back from Iraq I will be a senior at my university, and unable to transfer my credits to a new university by that point and expect to be finished completely with school when he gets out of the army. So - this leaves me between a rock and a hard place. Either quit school, and go with him, which I will NOT do. My mom dropped out of college and she spent the rest of her life being miserable working minimum wage jobs. And my husband wants to go into construction when he gets out of the army and eventually own his own business, so I will be needing a good job to bring home the bacon with during these transitions anyways. Then, if I stay here, and he gets reassigned, I will be gone from him for yet another year!! Gah! I know absolutely nothing about how the army works other than I know I hate it...... If anyone here with more experience could shed some light on the matter, you would be my hero!
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    I don't know about Army, but with the AF, they do not usually pcs someone after they come home unless they were due to pcs to begin with.

    But as with anything military, just because something doesn't normally happen it doesn't mean it can't or won't.

    Don't worry over whispers. If you start hearing people are getting orders than you start finding out what is going on.

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