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Thread: HELP!!! In processing and PSC Orders have been messed up!!!

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    HELP!!! In processing and PSC Orders have been messed up!!!

    Okay so my husband PSC date to Fort Stewart is 2009 FEB 8 my daughter and I were suppose to be on his orders but we are not yet but we are on deers, and his ERB. Somewhere along the lines Fort Gordon messed this up. Since we are not on his orders can he still stay with us at a hotel or will they try and not allow it? Does anyone have any advice to what we can do until they fix this mess?
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    no you will not be authorised TLE or any travel allowances- you HAVE to be on orders to recieve any moving allowances- obviously you have not set up your move since you did not have official orders, and you will need those to do anything.
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    He can probably stay at the hotel with you, but you have to pay for it until you get the orders corrected.
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