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Thread: New England Area...

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    New England Area...

    So I will be there sometime next month.....

    And I am looking for some MSOS friends.....

    Oh .. what are your thoughts on renting an apartment in Massachusetts??
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    where are you going to be?? I think I remember you saying Hanscom? I'm about 2ish hours from there, but we come up there from time to time to go to the BX there (cause it's AF) you'll love it, it's so beautiful in the summer....PM me if you have any ? or you can YIM me, it's in my profile
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    I am from the New England area. I live in CT but go to MA all the time...have friends in boston and springfield area. Where abouts in Mass are you looking? Feel free to pm me and if I don't know I can definately ask around to see about apartments. Some parts of town are not great and others are awesome.
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    I live in ct, spent college in boston and my little brother is in western ma. Feel free to pm me, I'm very familiar with the area. Apartments in mass in general are a little more expensive then the rest of the world, and in general you get a lot less for that money. Where are you all going to be? feel free to pm me
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    I'm in CT as well. I do know there are a few ladies from the MA area and are also currently still there.
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