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Thread: Please Help ME!!!

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    Please Help ME!!!

    Ok here is the situation. Back in June we were stationed in Everett, Wa because my husband was going to be a yeoman on the Abe Lincoln. I was pregnant and they made him return from deployment and take shore duty temporarily. Well he is suppose to go back to the ship Jan 31 and now his detailer has stated that the job he had has been filled and he would have to take another. This means one of two things A) become CTA which is a top security job with a high standard requirements or B) Move. I am so stressed cause it seems like they aren't telling us anything fast enough. I just started interviewing for work (now that i am done with maternity) and i am getting offers and can't say yes or no. Is it hard to cross rate or should I prepare myself to move and what are the odds of them sending us from west coast to east coast cause I could so do for the Florida living.

    So we got in touch with the detailer and they said no Florida. (You guys are so right about the cross country move so I trust your opinions greatly) My husband is looking at Port Huemene as a yoeman for the seabees. Well now they can't do anything because cms has him locked in hums status. He has gone down to psd and they say they have changed everything but his detailer cant do anything in the system in regards to his order until its unfrozen. He cant go into cms and put in his official request because of the same reason. His hums package is done on the 31st of Jan and I am scared they are all of a sudden going to say its time for us to move. What are the chances of them giving him the job with clearance or do you think we are definitely moving. If he take the job with clearance I hear that it could take a year for the clearance. Will that affect the choose? I know our credit is shot to crap and they will eventually deny him the clearance can he just opt out of that job all together if he knows 9 out of 10 will not get the clearance? I know I am asking a lot of questions but I just got a great job offer here and I want to know should I take it.

    Anyone have any advise on the possibilities or anything we can do to expedite things or help things along?
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    Usually if they're waiting on a clearance they just do yoeman jobs until it comes through. At least that's what I've seen at our commands. Becoming a CTA would be a really good thing for him if he can get the clearance. No drug use, no abuse of anything, no credit issues past or present, no affiliations with certain "clubs" and "groups". It takes time but so long as he's squeaky clean, he should be fine. Heck I've seen waivers for some of those things too. He obviously has to pass a polygraph too.

    The thing is, once he has his clearance, a lot of jobs open up for him after he gets out. So long as he maintains it, he has a much better job prospect with companies that need clearances. He is a better candidate because they don't need to spend the $10k and wait the time to get the clearance. He could start immediately and save them all that money (he should get higher pay because of that too). So I would say if he can do the CTA option, go for it. Worst that can happen is he doesn't get it and stays as a yoeman. By then an opening at his command may be available so he could just fill that.

    There are so many commands in the WA area I can't see them shipping you out too far. Not smart financially for them. You might end up with us in Whidbey (we have 30+ commands here) or maybe Bremerton. But I would anticipate they'd try to do a local move if at all possible.

    Plus, it doesn't always take a year to get a clearance. It depends on his age and how much digging they need to do.

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