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Thread: getting married in CHICAGO- HELP!

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    getting married in CHICAGO- HELP!

    Hey girls-
    My sweetie is in A school right now, in Great Lakes IL. He will be done in April(ish), but we are getting married as soon as he can get liberty (in 3 weeks(ish). Our plan was just to go to the Chicago courthouse and do it there. I thought there was a 24 hr. waiting period, but I guess for military there is not? I called the courthouse today and they just kept telling me different thing! Plus they were a little rude... I have a lot of questions and want to get everything down perfect, because we don't want to have any setbacks.
    Looking back at it now we should have just gotten married while he was home for Christmas. I live in Columbus, OH right now and will be driving/flying to him in a few weeks to get this done.

    Anyone who has done this in IL before, or anyone who knows more than I do, your help would be so much appreciated!!! We have been together a long time, we aren't just rushing into marriage either, we are so ready to be a family!
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    I'm from the Chicago area and BELIEVE me. If you try to deal with the city proper you'll never get anything done. Try one of the courthouses in the Northern suburbs. You're FAR more likely to get answers, and it'll be closer to the base.

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    My DH and I were going to do that as well back in November, but we just waited until he was able to take leave to come home and we got married in VA. I had called the county clerks office in chicago and they had told me that we had to wait atleast a day after we got our marriage license before we actually had a ceremony.
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    We got our marriage license on Friday and was married the next morning. I don't remember there being a big deal about waiting. We got our license from the closest court house from Great Lakes. We did not get married at the court house. We got married in Palos Park.

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