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Thread: First duty station…tons to do and no time to do it.

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    First duty station…tons to do and no time to do it.

    So my DH is currently in tech school at Lackland. He started January 5 and graduates in early March provided all goes well. His orders were posted last week and we are assigned to Dover AFB, Delaware. He doesn’t have his official orders yet.

    So I’ve been doing research but I am still as lost as ever. His schedule is taken up with schooling M-F, during the housing office’s normal business hours. He keeps telling me he’ll get it done and find out some info but he can’t because he’s in school. I also work full time and I live 7 hours away so that doesn’t exactly help.

    I guess I want to know how the whole relocation thing works? Can I contact the base myself and apply for housing? Will they even let me do anything without a power of attorney?

    I am very anal about things being done in an orderly way and want things set up way ahead of time. My husband tends to let things happen as they happen but confusion makes me anxious and irritable. I don’t know if we’ll be wait listed, I need to have a job and schooling set up, I have to stack paper (save money)…and all in about 2 months.

    I heard something about a sponsor. How does that work?

    Do we leave together or does he get orders and I follow?

    What’s the very first thing I need to do?

    Thanks for any insight, guys.
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    You will need a power of attorny to do anything that will require his signature.

    What you can do is if you are near a base and you have an ID is go there to that housing office and ask for an application for housing. The applications are general and you just have to fill out the info. Then you can mail it to your husband for him to sign/fill out info you don't know and than he can mail it to accepting base. Send a stamped addressed envelope for him so all he has to do is drop it in a mailbox.

    As in the other thread....if he has a sponsor and the sponsor is on the ball he (well your place probably by default if you were married before he joined) will get a package with info about the base, the area around it and sponsor name phone number etc for contact. But not everyone gets a sponsor and not all of them are good. He can call the accepting shop (if he knows) and ask for sponsor if you want one.

    I have no idea how things work with getting out of tech school and such because DH was already about to reenlist when we met.
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    depending on where he is going you may be bale to get on the waiting list for housing at least. i did with DH being still in AIT. They put us on the list..but i would need him present to sign the lease when we actually moved in. best thing to do is call ahead and ask. I didnt have a POA when i did all this either... they never asked...never hurts to try
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