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Thread: Moving Estimates-Awesome Website

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    Thumbs Up Moving Estimates-Awesome Website

    So I went to and filled out my home address to get qoutes on moving from NJ to FL. For those of you who are unable to use your military moves because your DH will already be at his PCS station before you're married, I'm suggesting this site. They contact local moving companies of your future move and I've already had two moving companies call with estimates. One as low as 1200!! Hello that's actually cheaper than me renting a Uhaul and doing it myself! (PER SQ FOOTAGE...AND NO GAS CHARGES!)

    I just wanted to share this website with you. I literally filled this out at 8pm last night and since 10am this morning, 2 moving companies already have qouted me along with sending me the qoutes to my email.
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    remember to also ask about insurance rates- they will all have basic insurance but you will want to get good coverage-

    also if you have renters insurance make sure find out what is covered and then get a gap insurance to cover the rest.

    also ask what is thier shipment guarentees- date of delivery , and shipment methods.

    and BUYER Beware- if it seems to good to be true- it probably is.
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    For the love of god check them out on BBB.. that was my huge mistake! When the movers brought my stuff to the storage unit they couldn't leave until I paid the way higher than the estimate amount.. we had a screaming match with the owner on the phone but ended up just paying it. Found out later the guy had quite a few complaints on there.. yeah that was not so much fun.

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