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Thread: Ft. Bliss, TX

  1. 2010 we get to start our lives together...YAY!!!
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    2010 we get to start our lives together...YAY!!!
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    Smile Ft. Bliss, TX

    My DB is thinking about reelisting is wanting to be stationed at Ft. Bliss. I will be moving with him wherever he is stationed. Being that this is one of the possible duty stations could anyone who has been stationed here give me some advice about El Paso? I have no clue what it is like in West Texas I want to know if it is a high crime area, things to do there, what the schools are like there (I do have a 4 year old) and things of that nature. Thanks in advance
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    try this:

    and also google el paso chamber of commerce and El paso for the city information.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    I'm currently here.
    Its not really a high crime area. Jobs are kinda sucky and the pay is much lower on the scale then most everywhere else. Schools it depends which area you live in. I live in far Northeast and i like the schools out here ( i'm a product of some of the schools out here )
    Things to do depends on what you are looking to do. There is a smallish amusement park on the west side of town, lots of outdoor activities to do. NM is also good for hiking camping stuff like that.

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    Oh I love El Paso, I want to go back so badly. We were there 3 years and I fell in love!

    I preferred the West Side of town, it's a lot nicer than the rest of it IMO and much cleaner.

    We lived on the East Side, the West Side, and in the North East and we were happiest on the West Side.

    The cost of living there is cheap, so it's a fairly affordable place to be. If you have any questions or anything, feel free to PM me. I have some really good contacts there still.
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