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Thread: PSCing to Aviano, Italy

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    PSCing to Aviano, Italy

    Hi! My DH and I just got married during christmas exodus. He is still in tech school for the air force. They told him that he is going to be stationed in Aviano, Italy when he finishes tech school in April. I was curious if someone could give me a checklist of sorts as to what I need to do to PCS overseas. I just received a large packet for the medical/dental sign off. I have been entered into DEERS and I have my ID card but I don't know anything about Tricare. Can I get the medical forms filled out at any military base? Do I need to call and make an appointment? I'm clueless as to what I need to do on my end to make sure we have a smooth transition overseas. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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    Hi! My DH reports to Aviano on Feb 1 and I will be heading over soon after the baby is born hopefully. The medical and dental sign off you get done on base, I know I had to go through the EFMP office to get my medical and I just had to call the dental office on base. You can do it at any base... You have to enroll in tricare after you enroll in DEERS, you are automatically covered under Tricare Standard though immediately. DO NOT CALL THE BASE HOSPITAL TO MAKE YOUR EFMP APPT!!!! Call the EFMP office and they will set up an appt. It's easiest to do the dental and then your EFMP screening (bring your chart from your personal physician if you can get it to your appt). They then assuming you don't need further documentation will send it to Aviano. If you're approved then you will then start the application process for your no-fee passport and VISA through the passport office on your local base... It's all uphill from there. Anyways... PM if you need anything!

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