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Thread: Ft Stewart

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    Ft Stewart

    So my DH is pcsing to Stewart....he is taking leave before we go since he's just leaving Korea so we dont have to be there till Aprilish. I live in NY and he lives in AL so I'm going to bring my stuff to AL when we go to visit his family....but how long should I wait to look for apartments and that? We're not living on post because I heart that it's not to nice of a place to live on post....I'm new to this whole thing!! So HELP would be greatly appriciated
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    Fort Stewart is really nice. Im pretty sure all the housing is new and if not it's renovated. They started working on them right after we got to Hunter in 2004.
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    That's so weird! We just got back from Korea and we are both from AL and we are now in Stewart. Haha. PM me if you want to know anything else

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    I beg to differ... My husband is currently stationed there. It was funny. As soon as he went active and got stationed there, they shipped him off to Iraq for a year two months later! I freaked out and got over it as I'm sure most wives/significant others do. I have been there about 6 or seven times to visit him since I live in Houston, TX. My line of work does not thrive there. The closest major city is Savannah which is about 45 minutes away. It is about 2 hours away from Jacksonville, FL. I've been on a tour of the on base housing. It's not bad. I would live on base there but be weary of certain areas of the base. There are some unpleasant areas but I have also seen some nice areas on the base. There are lots of trailer parks off the base and some run down looking housing. I would get myself on the list for on post housing and if it is not satisfactory, have a plan B to look at some off post housing once you get there. You should also look at the website for housing information. I came across it and it is great! There are plenty of trashy strip clubs too... Don't let your man give you some lame excuse as to that being the only thing to do there. LOL. Yet, it is among the very few things you can do on and around Ft. Stewart. There are about two malls in Savannah and if you really want to have fun, go to Jacksonville. Their shopping is better and it's by the beach. Hope this helped you.
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    DH was at Camp Casey until thanksgiving and I started looking at apartments as soon as he got orders. It made it a lot easier once we got here. I waited until he was almost home before I contacted any but I made lots of lists to make sure we got an apartment with all the things we wanted.

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