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Thread: MOVERS?

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    well, Mommy of 7 now! ;)
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    Help MOVERS?

    We are looking at hiring a civilian moving company to move us from VA to TN... any recomendations??

    Navy Wife and Mom to 7 Lil Monkeys
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    no- and remember reimbursement will only be for the actual wieght moved- not to exceed you allowable weight allowance for rank and with or without dependants

    remember to tell them that they need to weigh the truck empty and full=

    find out if the weight will include packing material - ( this can add an extra 10% to the total weight)

    also make sure you pay for the replacement value insurance

    also since this is considered a PPM ( personal procured move) the military will not get involved if anything goes wrong with the contract between you and the movers.
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    Dont have any recommendations, but why dont you just let the military (navy in your case) do it. All they do is contract a civilian moving company anyway, So there really isnt a difference. They all pretty much do it the same way. Thats just my opinion.
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    We used private movers too...We got our stuff asap and had nothing missing...

    It was easy just have the truck weighed b4 and after...You need original ticket not a copy.

    I would just call around and see who you like
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    i would personally go with private movers and get reembursed too. in addition to the above tips, i would make sure that you are there the whole time they are packing and unpacking. some will take advantage! also, i would personally pack all my stuff myself with my own packing materials b/c most companies charge like crazy just for bubble wrap and boxes.


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