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Thread: Is this true?

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    Duh Is this true?

    If you pack everything up yourself, will the movers really unpack and repack everything for you?!

    Thats the most rediculous thing ive ever heard!
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    From my experience no. When they came to pack my house. I already packed some stuff and they didn't mind one bit that i did lol. Everything that was not packed, they did.
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    i did the same i packed some stuff and they were ok with it as long as it wasnt glass or liquids etc something that could brake and they be responsible for ...

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    in the past they would now probably not. however some note which boxes were prepacked and would note that so if things were broken you could not put a claim on them.

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    No. However, they may examiner whats in the boxes if they are going into storage.
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    No, but you're not covered for anything in those boxes that goes missing or is damaged because they can't note on the form what is in there. If you're planning to pack everything yourself anyway, you might find you'd make more money doing a DITY move and hiring someone to just load it and haul it. A friend of mine just did this on a move from WA to FL and they made a ton of money. It's only worth it if you're fine with packing everything yourself, but it sounds like you want to do that anyway.
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    They told us (when they came to pack us up) that we can either take the stuff with us in our car if it was packed, or they have to unpack it and repack it so they know how it was packed, etc. Otherwise they refuse to be liable for it. I wouldn't pack anything if I were you.
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    if thats the case then i'll at least pack all of our clothes. its not like you can break a pair of jeans right? i guess i'll have to let them pack everything else though
    the whole reason i wanted to pack everything was that so i knew nothing would break!
    now it just kind of defeats the purpose i guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProudArmyWifeD View Post
    No, they will NOT unpack and repack your things, but neither will they be liable for whatever it is that YOU packed.

    Better to let them pack it all up.
    This all depends on base. Trust me.

    First base, they just took it. Didn't care. Second base, unpacked everything and repacked it. Things that were in storage containers everything. They touched it. This base...I don't know yet. They didn't care to much when going from one house to another but we will see on a official TDY.

    Every base is different. All comes down to liability. People are sue happy.
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