We have our TMO dates set up, we have it arranged for hubby to drive our Van back to our hometown (we're letting his grandmother take it for the duration we're in England to use since her car is a POS and she cant afford a new one, and well we can only ship one vehicle with us.) and fly home the day before the final out inspections for housing. I am not thrilled about being here alone with two kids for the week of getting this place inspection ready after TMO, but hell what can ya do?

Anyway, we have arrangements for Dh to drop off the car after his enroute training in GA before we officially fly out of the country! Now all im waiting around for is the phone call stating what day and times we have our plane tickets reserved for.

We're so lucky to have friends in a 3 bedroom house thats willing to let us bunk with them in between all this transitioning. They are helping us out more than i think they know... I just cant believe its all happening so fast already. Well i mean, i can...but YESSSSSS!!