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Thread: Dumb question...

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    Dumb question...

    DH says he's stationed at Cannon AFB for 3 years, which would put us here until June 2011.

    My question is-what happens after that? Will he make a dream sheet again like he did when he went to BMT, or is it completely random? Will he get a bit more "say" in it the next time we move?

    Also, can any Air Force wives who's husbands are in AFSOC tell me whether its true or not that, "Once AFSOC gets you, they keep you forever". (DH's been told that he will only ever get to choose here or Hurlbert Field because of the command).

    The reason I'm asking is because I'll be finishing my undergrad in May 2011, and DH and I want to pick a base that's near a good grad school .
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    The Air Force will send you where they need you. Right now, they are trying to keep people on station for 4 years. That changed last year. Trying to save money.

    Your sponsor will need to update his "dream" sheet; but, remember, it is only a dream sheet. He could put down three bases and be sent somewhere else. Also, sometimes he will update it one day and get orders a few days later or never. He needs to look in his career field to where he can go.

    My DH's career field is very small. We only have a handful of bases we can go.

    Good luck.
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    Three years just means thats when he can TRY to put in for new orders, he would have to wait for something to open up (and he would get pick secondary to people coming back from overseas etc)... There are bases in the states like that for DH's career field that are hard to leave, most guys end up doing a hardship to Korea to get a base of preference verse staying at a base they don't like or in order to get an overseas base. Hurlbert Field isn't so bad though.

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