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Thread: Camp Pendleton?

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    Confused Camp Pendleton?

    Aloha Ladies,

    We have orders to Camp Pendleton for this summer. We want to live in onbase housing, but I don't know much about it. I looked at the Lincoln website, and it looks like we're eligible for and interested in Forster Hills, and Wire Mountain 1, 2 and 3. I called the Lincoln office to get more information and it wasn't very helpful. Here are my questions.

    1. Are there any pictures of these housing areas other than the one generic picture on the website? I did get the floor plans for WM 1 and 3

    2. I know that WM3 and Forster Hills are older housing and not as nice as WM 1 and 2, but what do y'all think about them? I ask because we have kids and a dog and a fenced in yard would be great.

    3. Can we say that we want the above housing areas and we'll just take the first available in those areas or do we have to be on only one list?
    (I do understand that we actually have to check in first...thank you very much LPM duh!)

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

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    We live in Stuart Mesa. We were suppose to be in WM 2. We rate a 4 bedroom but because we needed a house ASAP we took a 3. Most of the houses in WM ( the old one) have a fenced yard. I know my friend does have that. I believe you can only be on one list, that is what happend to us, they took us off the list because we got a house in SM. We are about to get on the list again for our 4 bed. Most of the time you cant get on the list until you check in, but usually during the summer alot of people move so you might be lucky! HTH Pm me if you have any more questions
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    Can't help with the houseing situation.. but I'm getting ready to move there next week!!

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