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Thread: Medical clearance and depression

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    Help Medical clearance and depression

    Hi there, just wondering if anyone has (or if you know of anyone)been denied medical clearance to Spangdahlem for past depression issues. If so what did they do/what can be done. OR if they did have past depression issues and still able to get cleared and everything ok.

    I can't stop stressing!!! We got orders and started that whole process. Problem is that I have had past depression issues. It has been about 3yrs since it has been any issue. I feel that they have been resolved and no longer on meds. I had my medical interview and just waiting to hear back. My interview lasted less than 5 minutes or so. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. They did not ask me for any other past records. I guess they had the medical records there already? I had hoped that the decision was made there, that way if they said no I would have a chance to make more of an argument and find out my options were. They said that the info would be sent over there and that is where the decision would be made. Does that mean I was passed/approved on this end?

    I am also trying to figure out that if it gets denied if we can appeal it. Also thought about going with him and just paying my own way. We don't have any kids and the only medication I take now is birth control, and he is an E5 so we can live off base.

    Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!
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    I don't have an answer but I'm sure someone else does
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    I doubt Spang would deny you, we have friends there with epilepsy and stuff... Ramstein/Landstuhl is only an hour away... You should be okay if its been 3 years, but its not a definite. Off base housing is nice, DH only pays 750EU well under single cap for an E-5 for a 3BR/2BA. Only thing is you can't overstay your time on your passport (3 mo in a 6 mo period) and you have to be in a computer system to get on base in the first place... PM me if you have questions... DH is unaccompanied at Spangdahlem right now... and we are dealing/have dealt with this too.
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    I will say I wasn't denied to go to Korea for current depression and anxiety issues. They just do the screenings so for any existing conditions they just make sure the base you are going to can handle it.
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    Hello, I was wondering what the process is to appeal a medical clearance denial. I was denied by the accepting OCONUS installation (Aviano AB) by the Mental Health Clinic and Family Practice Clinic. I am currently in the works to appeal the decision made only 1 week ago. I was told by the Family Member Relocation Clearance Office that I have 21 days from today to appeal. I already have scheduled appointments with an on-base psychologist to get a second opinion on my diagnosis. As well as an appointment with my PCM, to correct things he may have written in my Family Member Medical Summary. I also saw another PCM today, to get a second opinion. She diagnosed me with a different mental health issue. I am currently taking a small dosage of anti-depressants prescribed by my PCM this June. I was told I have a 3 month period, in which I need to show stability to help the gaining installation (Aviano AB), to see that I am stable. CAN ANYONE HELP ME IN THE APPEAL PROCESS? I am determined to get my medical clearance APPROVED. Anything at this point would be of much help.
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