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Thread: Hawaii anyone??

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    Hawaii anyone??

    Hey ya'll.

    So I got to talk with my baby today, and it looks like he is wanting to move me out there to Hawaii. Is anyone else stationed there and what exactly should I expect??? This is all so new to me... ekkk. I am nervous!
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    We are in Hawaii and we love it. Check out the OCONUS forum, there is a large group of us (all branches, all bases) here.
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    im going to be moving there with dh at the end of the month! so i dont know how it is yet but im really excited!
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    We're here on Hickam AFB. We'll be heading out in June/July.
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    We live in Hawaii and LOVE IT!!
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    i think im gunna move there with df this summer! hell be there starting feb. so let me know how ya like it and maybe ill see you there this summer!!
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    A lady I know is moving to Hawaii. She is quite excited. I guess she found the website to be really helpful. Oh and don't forget snuscreen.

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    I'm here.
    He's a marine? You'll be on one of the prettiest parts of the island.
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    I'm possibly moving to Hawaii this Spring. I'm going up to find job/housing/if its the right move for us/etc. in January. He is Army National Guard, not sure how to make such a huge move from Boston to Hawaii, with kids and household! So much to do! You are not alone, I have looked at the overseas forum, so helpful! Good luck to you!
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    We are in hawaii on the marine corps base. We love it

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