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Thread: What are the odds.....

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    What are the odds.....

    DB is thinking of re-enlisting in the Navy when his contract is up next year. He wants shore duty but wants to ideally stay in San Diego. He is E5 and been in for 4 years if that matters. Does anyone know what his chances are of staying in San Diego? I've heard it's a popular place to want to be stationed but the problem is if he doesn't get stationed here, there's no way that I could move with him (school and family here) and I don't think we could do the long term long distance relationship . Any advice or thoughts would be very much appreciated.
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    NC@SEA knows a bunch. I'm sure he can answer you. I don't know sorry.
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    He can re-enlist and use that as his stipulation. I am only re-enlisting if I can get shore duty orders in San Diego. Worst thing they can do is say no.
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    Chances are good since San Diego is a Major Fleet Concentration Area. Will his Sea Time be up?
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    It really just depends on what billets are available when he's up for orders, but like someone else said, there are so many commands in SD that the chances are good. Especially since he's an E-5. There are always more billets for e-4s and e-5s at commands than there are for senior enlisted. When you are an e-7 or e-8 then the billets start to get a little scarce and you have less to choose from. I remember when my husband was an e-5 he had SO many orders to choose from. Now that he's a chief we literally had two billets to choose from. Best of luck getting what he wants!

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