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Thread: Temporary Housing

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    Temporary Housing

    How does temporary housing work on a USMC military base?

    The Situation: My DB's MOS school is at 29 Palms. We want to live together on base but I know we can't unless we are married. We were planning on doing like a JOP wedding or something when he comes back for Christmas exodus. But his Staff Srg. addressed the company today and said that with the company he is in, he can't live with a dependant on base. But also, most of the people in his company are only going to school for 6 weeks. DB's school is 5 months you think they would make any kind of exception?

    I guess my quesiton is, I'm not really sure how temporary housing works. If we are not able to live together, could I live in temporary housing for 5 months without being on any kind of waiting list or anything? It was just a thought...

    The other option would be for me to just get my own place in the 29 Palms area...which will probably be expensive. Does anyone know where I can go to look up appartment prices in that area? Any advice would be wonderful
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    I know in the Army schooling has to be 20 weeks or 6 months or more before they will even let you go and live with your DH. It also is based on what the command says there, they can say yay or nay.
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    if you move it will be all out of pocket- the temp lodging is just that temporary- you can only stay for 30 days- you will have to stay 30 days- leave for 24 hours and go back for 30 days ( if you can get back to back reservations.)

    if would depend on the command but he may not be able to stay with you while at the 5 month school since it is officiallly unaccompanied.
    not to sound rude- but he is joining the military- you need to get use to him being away from you - it will happen A LOT while he is in.
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    When I moved with my ex for tech school (AF) I couldn't live on base b/c he had to be there for 6 months. By the time I got there only 5 1/2 months were left and they wouldn't give us a place. I just got an apartment right outside the gate.

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