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Thread: DLA Questions

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    DLA Questions

    Now I was pretty sure I read the instruction right and that I was informed correctly that you get DLA as a flat rate when you PCS and as long as you are ordered to move with your spouse to the new duty station. We had to do a dity move and move quickly and under strange circumstances so we didn't get to request it before hand. but when my hubby when to file for us to get it, the dude at the TMO told him that DLA is only a reimbursement based on what you pay out and that you have to submit receipts. i thought you got a flat rate to help cover all that you spend when you move. can some one help me out? i was counting on that $1200 to pay bills from moving so that we aren't in the hole come Christmas.
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    we got ours all before we move, we got it last week, and we dont move for another month. Since we got it up front we didn't have to show receipts so I dont see why you would have to either, but it might be per command or per service. DH is in the navy.
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    DLA is a flat rate period. He didn't know what he was talking about. TLE and TLA are only reimbursable with receipts. Maybe he was confused?
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    DLA is a flat rate and hon- it is at least 1800 dollars!!

    let me go find it BRB!

    here you go- this is th FAQ for DLA from the JFTR-
    if you need more direct info let me know!!
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    He was confused obviously. DLA is a flate rate. It is TLE and TLA that you have to show your hotel receipts for. Send your husband back to tell the guy he is an idiot and if he has any more trouble ask to speak to his chief.
    Needs work.

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