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Thread: Apartment leases while DH is in Iraq??

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    Apartment leases while DH is in Iraq??

    I am going to move back to NV in a month and I need to get an apartment. I have a job now, but when I move out to NV I need to find one. Although my DH is in Iraq and he has a steady income, is there are way without my husband having to get a POA, that I can put him on the lease as well? I am so confused at what to do and I know not all apartment complexes have the military clause.. I wish they did.
    Can anyone give me any advice?? I would really appreciate it
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    You'll need a POA

    If I were you, I'd do some online apartment hunting, find one that you like, or several that you're interested in, and call them. Explain the situation and see what they will do. Otherwise, your DH will need to get you a POA, he should be able to, I believe they have legal access on post there, depending on where he's at and what he is doing. He can get you a special POA just for housing stuff, apartments, rental contracts, etc.
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    You will need a POA. He should be able to get one in the mail in a day or so...that is what my SO did. Just get it early as you can, because some mail takes a week and some take 3 weeks.... I miss ya my old deployment pal!

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