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Thread: Housing question

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    Housing question

    Hey ladies, I have a question. I am moving into housing on Friday. Does anyone have suggestions of any thing I should do for the move in inspection? I know that someone walks through with you to make sure there is no major damage, but I am not 100% sure to look out for.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks dears!
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    Just look at anything and everything.

    If the carpet has holes or stains, holes or dents in the wall, scratches in the glass, chips in the stove/fridge/DW/sinks/tubs, etc.

    Be VERY meticulous.

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    I agree be very meticulous. Even if you think something is minor write it down! If the window blinds are bent make sure you write that down.
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    Bring a digital camera. Anything imperfect, take photos of and write down what it is. Even little stains on the carpet, broken tiles, stains on the ceiling, broken blinds etc.
    Take your time and do not let anyone rush you through.
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    Turn the burners on the stove on to see if they all work, and run the dishwasher (if you have one). Also, if you take pictures make sure you set it to where the date shows.
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    exactly what everyone else as nick pickity and ocd as possible lol. good call on the camera, DEF bring one of those!! proof is always a good thing to have. look to cracks in woodwork to ceiling, to stains or a small patch of ribbed carpet, check all lights/switches, appliances for proper running condition push ALL buttons, try all fans, try all locks, open close all doors, look for any chips breaks holes dents scratches.
    hope this helps!!
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    My husband is in Georgia training, and we are waiting to find out where we are going to be living. He is supposed to be done with in a couple weeks (yah) I was just wondering when training is over how long do they give you to move and if he gets to come home to help me!!!!
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    Holy old thread!

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